La gente de ha cometido un error mmm… ¿fatal?

Con fecha de hoy Viernes 3 de Julio, MJ aparece “DE GIRA”.

Miren en lo que ha terminado el perro que nos enseñó lo que es la actitud! Hoy tiene problemas de peso y trabaja en publicidad de cordonerías.

Lo que la caida de la fama hizo en el amigo de Charlie

Lo que la caída de la fama hizo en el amigo de Charlie

Bug #221918 El sistema se actualiza demasiado rápido – Las desventuras de Tim

Hoy la gente del canal de IRC de ubuntu-cl – #ubuntu-cl en nos hemos sorprendido por el bug que reportó. Ace Suares.

No se pierdan la historia de Tim. Realmente hilarante.

To upgrade the Operating System, including any applications, takes too less time.

On a modern PC (Core 2 Duo, 2.3 Ghz, 2 GB RAM) the entire process takes about 31 minutes. (Excluded time for downloading files, running from a local mirror). On a slower system it might take still an hour or so, but that is still much to fast.

Use case:
Tim starts a company in System Administration. He installed Ubuntu 7.10 about 5 months ago in a company with 4 computers. In April 2008, he announces that all computers need to be upgraded. The owner of the company schedules a special day off for all employees, because of the expected downtime.
Tim takes the repositories with him on an external usb drive. He makes that drive available to the network. He starts the upgrade process and roughly 2.5 hours later he is finished with this major update.

Tim looses his contract with the client, because they accuse him of fraud. They can not believe that their system was upgraded in less then 3 hours. They revert to another operating system and hire someone who spends 4 days upgrading 4 computers.

1. Install Ubuntu 7.10.
2. Upgrade to 8.04.

Possible Solution:
Make the upgrade process slower by inserting random wait() loops. Make it impossible to run an upgrade on a running system. Make it mandatory to backup all data, wipe the harddisk, re install the OS, and then restore the data. Make sure all applications that don’t come with the OS, need a complete reinstall. Make sure that user directories and preferences get lost dring the upgrade; but make a handy tool to import the User Settings from the previous installation.

Pobre Tim, para que no se vuelva a repetir creo que la comunidad debe trabajar para hacer la actualización mas lenta y engorrosa.

Ojalá que no hayan otros Tim en el mundo.

Nota: no se pierdan el perfil de Ace Suares, se nota que es una persona alegre.